Coordination Office for Continuing Education

The Coordination Office for Continuing Education at the Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning offers continuing education courses for companies from the business world, public institutions and individuals at academic level. Our courses are designed for the target group and meet the needs of employees.

Coordination Office for Continuing Education

About Us

As the Coordination Office for Continuing Education at the University of Stuttgart, we are an established partner in the field of continuing education. We design customized continuing education courses that are adjustable to your needs. Well-known companies from the business world as well as public institutions and non-profit organizations have been cooperating with us for many years now when it comes to further qualifying their training specialists and managers.

Academic continuing education is for both specialists who want to stay up to date and people who want to reorient themselves professionally and thus has an important role to play in promoting lifelong learning and helping to constantly expand a society's level of knowledge.

Our offer for you

Continuing education involves the ongoing professional training of people who already carry an academic degree. We offer participants the opportunity to deepen their specialist knowledge, to keep up to date with the latest research findings and to acquire new skill sets. Continued education expand professional skills, increase career opportunities and enhance personal development. Our objective is to create a wide range of options, from individual lectures to online courses and certificate programs.

We offer companies and public institutions individual training courses that we adapt to their individual needs. We provide the latest scientific findings in such a way that our participants gain an immediate practical benefit.

For individuals, we develop practical training courses on current topics that are both flexible and adaptable to the needs of working professionals. In terms of formats, we focus on small units, so-called microcredentials, which enable time-saving, location-independent learning.

Subject Areas and Areas of Specialization

The newest research findings from our university are incorporated into our courses and offer solutions for current and future challenges. Professionally developed courses that are led by highly experienced lecturers are designed to enhance employees' knowledge and skills. Therefore, our continuing education program covers the University of Stuttgart's strategic areas of competency, including

  • Sustainability
  • Digital Transformation and AI
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Information and Production Technology
  • Simulation Science
  • Special topics (such as Acoustics, Logistics & Laser Technology)

We would be more than happy to develop a training program adapted to you and your needs  - with a certificate in Advanced or Basic Studies. We can do this through seminars, workshops, lectures or online-based courses.

How to find us

Koordinierungsstelle Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung I KWW
Azenbergstraße 16, 70174 Stuttgart
+49 711 685 82021
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This image shows Markus Lion, M.A.

Markus Lion, M.A.


Acting head of the zlw, head of the KWW

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Nicola Zechmeister


Project Management Continued Academic Education

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Živile Menzel


Project Management Continued Academic Education

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